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Our Mission

Spring Education Group is a multi-brand network providing superior private school education from infant care through high school. The network brings together some of the best private school programs in the country, with proven track records educating children through unique and carefully crafted curricula.

Headquartered in Campbell, California, Spring Education Group’s best-in-class platform was created by uniting four premier school organizations – BASIS Independent Schools, LePort Montessori, Nobel Learning Communities and Stratford School. The Spring network spans 19 states across the U.S. with an international presence in Asia.

Our Vision

To elevate and expand the standard of educational excellence across America

Our Mission

To develop the best schools and educators in America

Our Values

  • Ownership: Behave like an owner of our schools
  • Win as a Team: Collaborate, communicate and problem-solve as a team
  • Deserve Trust: Be reliable and honest, behaving in a manner that earns trust
  • Continuous Learning & Improvement: Seek and embrace opportunities to learn and improve as individuals and as an organization

Our Leadership Principles

  • Ownership: We own the responsibility to make our schools great. We think about the long-term success and health of our schools and our company. We pick up the gum wrapper on the playground. No task is beneath us.
  • Deserved Trust: Our words and actions reinforce a web of trust between our students, our families and our community, and between teammates. We are reliable. We see things through to completion. We know that transparency builds trust.
  • Win as a Team: We are one team. Our mission is more important than individual success. Collaboration, communication and team problem solving are essential to succeed as a team. We celebrate our success.
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement: We seek and embrace opportunities to learn and improve as individuals and as an organization.
  • Listen: Our students, families and staff are incredibly smart and have high standards. If we listen carefully, they will tell us what they want. It is up to us to deliver.
  • Prioritize and Focus: We identify the most important thing to work on toward our Mission. We focus and complete tasks with appropriate urgency.
  • Hire and Develop the Best: We hire A players we admire and who increase the average capabilities of Spring. We invest in our people through professional development and mentorship.
  • High Standards: We have high standards for our instruction and educational outcomes and student experiences that we deliver in our schools. We have high standards for how we behave and how we operate. We don’t compromise on quality.
  • Financial Discipline: We focus our resources on our schools and students, and those who support them.
  • Take Initiative: We lead the way to create change and positively impact our schools.
  • Adaptability: We embrace situational changes that call for new ideas. We adapt, remain objective and integrate new points of view.
  • Promote Spring’s Culture: We foster shared values and a sense of community.

Our schools do not discriminate in employment or the provision of educational services on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability, citizenship status, veteran status or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.